Exo-Tikka Indian Cuisine

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About Us

An Oasis of Indian flavors, is based in Nashville to tantalize your taste buds. We provide foods with absence of uniformity & an array of flavors.

Professional service

The qualities of services offered to the customers are unique and first class. The staffs are very friendly, polite and committed meeting all the customer demands. Lastly, the services offered are timely, quick and affordable to all the customers.

Top Quality Food

We pride ourselves in offering authentic Indian dishes, using only the finest and freshest ingredients, low cholesterol oils, and selected herbs & spices. There is also a better way of enjoying Indian street foods at Masti instead of visiting India.

Hot menu

Cardamom Chai $3
Fresh Orange Juice $4.99
Limca $3
Mango Lassi $4
Masala Chai $3
Masala Soda $3
Aloo Paratha $3.99

Potato stuffed whole wheat bread.

Batura $2.99

Naan is on a new level when deep fried!

Bread Basket $8.99

Naan, Garlic Naan, Tandoori Roti & Onion Kulcha

Bullet Naan $3.49

A hot version of Indian bread, topped with chilies.

Cheese Naan $3.49

Cheese filled Indian soft bread.

Garlic Naan $3.49

Garlic flavored leavened bread.

Aloo Gobi $12.49

Cauliflower and potatoes tossed with whole cumin and turmeric

Baigan Bharta $ 12.49

Grilled eggplants cooked with green peas

Baigara Baigan $13.49

Whole Indian eggplant in a savory peanut based puree.

Bhindi Karahi $11.99

Pan fried okra tossed with onion, tomatoes and aromatic seasonings.

Bombay Aloo $11.99

Baby potatoes deep fried, then simmered in an onion and tomato curry.

Butter Chicken $13.99

Tender slices of chicken cooked in a tomato and butter based cream sauce.

Dal Exo-tikka $ 11.99

Our take on a mix of five lentils, a delicacy of north India.

Dal Makhni $ 10.99

Black lentils sautéed in mild spices and slow simmered in buttery and creamy gravy

Dal Tadka $ 10.99

Yellow lentils slow simmered and tempered with onion, tomato and garlic.

Chicken $13.99
Combine with the choice of your Gravy

Tikka Masala  – Tomato and cream based sauce.

Curry- Combination of spices and herbs made into a simmering sauce.

Achari- Curry tempered with Indian pickling spices.

Korma- Onion and cream based sauce with hints of coconut.

Jalfrezi- Thick gravy with fresh tomatoes and bellpeppers.

Vindaloo- Spicy sharp and tangy gravy with potatoes.

Saag – A homemade seasoned cream of spinach .

Biryani- Dish made with long grain basmati rice pressure cooked with aromatic seasonings (additional $ 1.00)

Fish (MahiMahi) $15.99
Lamb or Goat $14.99
Paneer $13.49
Shrimp $16.99
Gajar Halwa $4.99

Shredded carrots sweetened into a soufflé with milk and cream.

Gulab Jamun $3.99

Fried doughnut balls cooked in sweet rose syrup.

Kheer $3.99

Indian style rice pudding

Kulfi Falooda $4.99

Indian ice cream topped with Falooda noodles, basil seeds and rose syrup

Mango Exotikka $3.99

Mixed fruit in a whipped mango mousse

Orange Kulfi $7.99

Exo-Tikka’s Signature dessert with Orange Kulfi in the peel.

Chicken Tikka $13.99

Boneless pieces of chicken seasoned with spices

Exotikka Grill $17.49

Combination of chicken, lamb and seafood

Lamb Boti Kebab $15.49

Tender boneless lamb marinated with robust spices.

Lamb Chop $16.99

Succulent chops grilled to perfection.

Lamb Seekh Kebab $ 15.49

Minced lamb zestfully seasoned.

Malai Kebab $13.99

Boneless chicken flavor fully marinated in yogurt and cream cheese

Chili Chicken $10.99

Chunks of meat cooked with chili sauce and cube of onion and peppers.

Chili Paneer $11.99

Seasoned Indian cheese cooked with chili sauce and cube of onion and peppers.

Fried rice $10.99

Stir fried rice wok tossed fresh vegetables and Indo- Chinese spices.

Gobi Manchurian $10.99

Deep fried cauliflower pan tossed in soy chili sauce.

Hakka Noodles $10.99

Stir fried noodles cooked with soy sauce and Indo-Chinese spices.

Biryani Rice $4.99

Long grain basmati mixed with aromatic seasonings

Jeera Rice $2.99

Long grain basmati rice tempered with whole cumin

Peas Pulao $3.99

Long grain basmati rice tossed with turmeric and green peas.

Kachumbar Salad $2.99
Mango Chutney $3.49
Onion Chutney $2.99
Pickles $1.99
Poppadum $1.99
Raita $1.99
Chicken 65 $8.99

Deep fried morsels of chicken tempered with curry leaves & mustard seeds.

Dahi Vada (2) $ 4.99

Deep fried lentil dumplings submerged in a sweet & savory yogurt.

Garlic Shrimp $9.99

Pan fried shrimp sautéed with fresh garlic and cilantro

Keema Samosa (2) $6.99

Savory pastry stuffed with minced chicken with our special spices

Mix Veg Pakora $6

Fried vegetable fritters coated with seasoned chickpea flour

Onion Bhajiya $6

Onion fritters in a seasoned chickpea batter

Mulligatawny $5.99

Lentil soup slow simmered to perfection

MurghShorba $5.99

Chicken Soup in Chef’s Special seasonings

Tamatar Soup $4.99

Tomato soup with a twist