Cardamom Chai $3
Fresh Orange Juice $4.99
Limca $3
Mango Lassi $4
Masala Chai $3
Masala Soda $3
Mysore Coffee $3
NimbuPani $4
Pudina Thandai $4.99
Soft Drinks $2
ThumsUp $3
Unlimited refill on Soft drinks only.
Aloo Paratha $3.99

Potato stuffed whole wheat bread.

Batura $2.99

Naan is on a new level when deep fried!

Bread Basket $8.99

Naan, Garlic Naan, Tandoori Roti & Onion Kulcha

Bullet Naan $3.49

A hot version of Indian bread, topped with chilies.

Cheese Naan $3.49

Cheese filled Indian soft bread.

Garlic Naan $3.49

Garlic flavored leavened bread.

Keema naan $3.99

Seasoned minced lamb stuffed in leavened bread.

Lacha Paratha $3.49

Unleavened bread layered with butter

Naan $2.99

A leavened bread made with all-purpose flour cooked in clay oven

Onion kulcha $3.99

Bread stuffed with onion.

Peshawari Naan $3.99

Naan stuffed with dry fruits and coconut.

Tandoori Roti $2.99

Whole wheat bread cooked in a clay oven.

Chef’s Special
Aloo Gobi $12.49

Cauliflower and potatoes tossed with whole cumin and turmeric

Baigan Bharta $ 12.49

Grilled eggplants cooked with green peas

Baigara Baigan $13.49

Whole Indian eggplant in a savory peanut based puree.

Bhindi Karahi $11.99

Pan fried okra tossed with onion, tomatoes and aromatic seasonings.

Bombay Aloo $11.99

Baby potatoes deep fried, then simmered in an onion and tomato curry.

Butter Chicken $13.99

Tender slices of chicken cooked in a tomato and butter based cream sauce.

Chana masala $11.99

Mix spiced chickpeas

Chicken Bhuna $13.99

Boneless chicken cooked with roasted chilies and onions

Lamb/Goat Rogan Josh $14.99

A traditional curry tempered with fresh tomatoes.

Malai Kofta $13.49

Fried vegetable dumplings cooked with a cashew based sauce.

Mutter Paneer $13.49

Indian Cottage cheese cooked with green peas in a cream based sauce.

Xacuti $13.99

Boneless meat slow simmered with coconut cream and Goan spices. (Chicken)

Xacuti $14.99

Boneless meat slow simmered with coconut cream and Goan spices.  (Lamb & Goat)

Dal Darbar
Dal Exo-tikka $ 11.99

Our take on a mix of five lentils, a delicacy of north India.

Dal Makhni $ 10.99

Black lentils sautéed in mild spices and slow simmered in buttery and creamy gravy

Dal Tadka $ 10.99

Yellow lentils slow simmered and tempered with onion, tomato and garlic.

Desi Flares
Chicken $13.99
Combine with the choice of your Gravy

Tikka Masala  – Tomato and cream based sauce.

Curry- Combination of spices and herbs made into a simmering sauce.

Achari- Curry tempered with Indian pickling spices.

Korma- Onion and cream based sauce with hints of coconut.

Jalfrezi- Thick gravy with fresh tomatoes and bellpeppers.

Vindaloo- Spicy sharp and tangy gravy with potatoes.

Saag – A homemade seasoned cream of spinach .

Biryani- Dish made with long grain basmati rice pressure cooked with aromatic seasonings (additional $ 1.00)

Fish (MahiMahi) $15.99
Lamb or Goat $14.99
Paneer $13.49
Shrimp $16.99
Veg $11.99
Gajar Halwa $4.99

Shredded carrots sweetened into a soufflé with milk and cream.

Gulab Jamun $3.99

Fried doughnut balls cooked in sweet rose syrup.

Kheer $3.99

Indian style rice pudding

Kulfi Falooda $4.99

Indian ice cream topped with Falooda noodles, basil seeds and rose syrup

Mango Exotikka $3.99

Mixed fruit in a whipped mango mousse

Orange Kulfi $7.99

Exo-Tikka’s Signature dessert with Orange Kulfi in the peel.

Rasmalai $4.99

Small balls of curd cheese served in cold thickened milk and pistachios.

Fresh from the Clay Oven
Chicken Tikka $13.99

Boneless pieces of chicken seasoned with spices

Exotikka Grill $17.49

Combination of chicken, lamb and seafood

Lamb Boti Kebab $15.49

Tender boneless lamb marinated with robust spices.

Lamb Chop $16.99

Succulent chops grilled to perfection.

Lamb Seekh Kebab $ 15.49

Minced lamb zestfully seasoned.

Malai Kebab $13.99

Boneless chicken flavor fully marinated in yogurt and cream cheese

Paneer Achari $13.99

Cubes of Indian Cottage cheese marinated in yogurt and Indian pickling flavors

Paneer Tikka $13.99

Cubes of Indian Cottage cheese marinated in yogurt & special spices

Seekh Kebab $14.99

Minced chicken with herbs and an array of spices.

Tandoori Fish $16.49 

Fillet of Mahi Mahi marinated in spiced yogurt

Tandoori Murg $12.99

Spring chicken marinated in yogurt and spices.

Tandoori Shrimp(6) $ 13.99

Jumbo Black Tiger shrimps marinated in freshly ground spices

Tandoori Veg $12.99 

Blend of fresh vegetables marinated and grilled to perfection

Indo Chinese
Chili Chicken $10.99

Chunks of meat cooked with chili sauce and cube of onion and peppers.

Chili Paneer $11.99

Seasoned Indian cheese cooked with chili sauce and cube of onion and peppers.

Fried rice $10.99

Stir fried rice wok tossed fresh vegetables and Indo- Chinese spices.

Gobi Manchurian $10.99

Deep fried cauliflower pan tossed in soy chili sauce.

Hakka Noodles $10.99

Stir fried noodles cooked with soy sauce and Indo-Chinese spices.

Biryani Rice $4.99

Long grain basmati mixed with aromatic seasonings

Jeera Rice $2.99

Long grain basmati rice tempered with whole cumin

Peas Pulao $3.99

Long grain basmati rice tossed with turmeric and green peas.

Kachumbar Salad $2.99
Mango Chutney $3.49
Onion Chutney $2.99
Pickles $1.99
Poppadum $1.99
Raita $1.99
Small Plates
Chicken 65 $8.99

Deep fried morsels of chicken tempered with curry leaves & mustard seeds.

Dahi Vada (2) $ 4.99

Deep fried lentil dumplings submerged in a sweet & savory yogurt.

Garlic Shrimp $9.99

Pan fried shrimp sautéed with fresh garlic and cilantro

Keema Samosa (2) $6.99

Savory pastry stuffed with minced chicken with our special spices

Mix Veg Pakora $6

Fried vegetable fritters coated with seasoned chickpea flour

Onion Bhajiya $6

Onion fritters in a seasoned chickpea batter

Pao Bhaji $ 6.99

An Indiann street food consisting of a thick mash of vegetable curry in an array of spices served with soft rolls.

Veg Samosa (2) $5.99

Savory pastry stuffed with spiced peas and potatoes

Soups & Stews
Mulligatawny $5.99

Lentil soup slow simmered to perfection

MurghShorba $5.99

Chicken Soup in Chef’s Special seasonings

Tamatar Soup $4.99

Tomato soup with a twist